Cable Harnesses

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Cable Harness

Customized cable harnesses with constructions for the manufacturing industry are an important part of our business concept. We are producing many different types of cable harnesses, as for example machine-, electro-, robot- and elevator cable harnesses to Swedish as well as international companies.


The main part of the production is based on the customer’s drawings and specifications and at the same time we offer a great deal of experience and technical skills within this area.


Today the production of our products is based in our facilities in Sweden, Lithuania and China. When choosing which facility to use for production we take several issues into account, such as workload, competence and cost-effectiveness.

See our video on Automation of manufacturing cables

High productivity, short changeover times, user-friendly handling and a wide range of process accessories to crimp, wrangle, compacting, tin, mount the seals and label the cable.

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